Organic Seabuckthorn Eye Healthy Chewing Tablet


Detailed Product Description

Organic Seabuckthorn Eye Healthy Chewing Tablet

Raw material: Organic seabuckthorn fruit; Chrysanthemum; Folium mori;

Natural β-carotene; Lactic acid zinc; Amylum; Dextrin;

Cane powder; Dolomol

Ingredients:  Total flavonoides; Zinc; β-carotene

Specification: 1.5g per tablet; 24 tablets per box

Dosage:  3 tablets each time

Twice daily(morning and evening)

Valid period: 2 years

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and place avoiding light

Function: Treat myopia; Amblyopia; Pseudomyopia; Cataract; Vitreous opacity; Macula degeneration.


1.      SOD (superoxide dismutase):

Shikang chewing tablets contains high level of SOD preventing eyes tissues from being attacked by free radicals, taking precautions against and cure many eye diseases..

2.      Diversity of nutrients:

There are variety of ingredients contained in Shikang chewing tables, this will utmost compensate the consumption and meet the need of eyes.

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