Organic Seabuckthorn Oil Soft Capsule


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Organic Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil Soft Capsule

Raw Material: Organic seabuckthorn fruit oil

Ingredients: Vitamin E; Carotenoides; Flavonoides; Linolenic acid

Specification: 500mg per softgel; 120 softgels per bottle

Dosage: 2-4 softgels each time, twice daily on empty

Valid period: 24 months

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place avoiding light


a)        Restrain the development of tumor.

b)        Anti-senility.

c)        Regulate blood lipid, prevent heart and brain vascular disease.

d)       Resist radiation, protect skin.


1.  Rich ingredients

 Organic seabuckthorn fruit oil virtually reserves all the ingredients contained in the     seabuckthorn berries, above 190 kinds of bioactive ingredients.

2.  High content of unsaturated fatty acids:

Organic seabuckthorn fruit oil contain rich unsaturated fatty acids: Linoleic acid, Linolenic acid, among them, content of palmitoleic acid is up to 50% which is rarely seen in any other plants or vegetables.

3.  Especially high level of carotenoids:

Carotenoids are efficient free-radical scanvengers and they enhance the immune system.

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