Organic Seabuckthorn Seed Extract Soft Capsule


Detailed Product Description

Shenxing organic seabuckthorn Andari soft capsule

Ratified No.: Weishijianzi (2002) 0765

Raw material: Organic seabuckthorn seed extract; Perilla seed oil, Organic seabuckthorn pomace oil, Caramel pigment.

Ingredients: OPC; Vitamin E; Linolenic acid.

Specifications: 500mg per softgel; 5 small boxes per big box; 120 softgels per box

Dosage: 2 softgels each time, Twice daily on empty.

Valid period: 2 years

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place avoiding light


a)        Postpone senility;

b)        Facilitate metabolism;

c)        Restore function of damaged tissue;

d)        Eliminate free radical;

e)        Prevent brain mutation, arteriosclerosis, tumour, hypertension; declination of memory ability, senile dementia.


1.      OPC is a super antioxidant , good detergent for free radicals;

2.      It’s antioxidant ability is 50 times than Ve, 20 times than Vc;

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